All Summer Long
The Beach Boys
Released July 13, 1964
Recorded April 2, 1964 – May 19, 1964

Except "Drive-In" 's instrumental track: October 18, 1963

Length 25:06
Label Capitol
Produced by Brian Wilson

All Summer Long is the sixth studio album by The Beach Boys and their second in 1964. Recorded in the aftermath of the British Invasion, spearheaded by The Beatles, the album marked a major turning point in The Beach Boys' career, and in leader/prime songwriter Brian Wilson as an artist.

All Summer Long hit #4 in the US during a 49 week chart stay. Songs from this album are also featured on the EP Four.


A summer feel permeates the cover of this album, with a series of candid snapshots mounted into a montage. Photography was credited to both Kenneth Veeder and George Jerman (who had taken the photographs for the bands earlier albums) but it remains unclear as to who took the color pictures on the front of the sleeve, or the black and white studio shots on the reverse. The location for the shoot was once again Paradise Cove, north of Malibu, the same location used for the Surfin' Safari sleeve. However, whilst it appears that all five band members were present for the session only Brian, Carl, Dennis and Mike were photographed on the sand (along with the two girls, in various outfits) - Al was absent that day for unknown reasons and his images were added at a later date.

On first pressings of the LP, the song "Don't Back Down" is misprinted as "Don't Break Down" on the front cover - ironic considering Brian Wilson's nervous breakdown later in the year and subsequent mental problems. This version of the LP sleeve also has the song titles printed in the same mustard-colored ink as the album title. Subsequent printings with the typo corrected have the song titles printed in black.

Track ListingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. "I Get Around"
  2. "All Summer Long"
  3. "Hushabye"
  4. "Little Honda"
  5. "We'll Run Away"
  6. "Carl's Big Chance"

Side TwoEdit

  1. "Wendy"
  2. "Do You Remember?"
  3. "Girls on the Beach"
  4. "Drive-In"
  5. "Our Favorite Recording Sessions"
  6. "Don't Back Down"


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