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Beach Boys Concert is the first live album by the Beach Boys, released in 1964. It was the band's first No. 1 album in the US, the second being the 1974 compilation album Endless Summer.

Track listingEdit

Side one
  1. "Fun, Fun, Fun" (Brian Wilson/Mike Love) - 2:26
  2. "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" (Don Altfeld/Jan Berry/Roger Christian) - 3:00
  3. "Little Deuce Coupe" (B. Wilson/Christian) - 2:27
  4. "Long, Tall Texan" (Henry Strezlecki) - 2:32
  5. "In My Room" (B. Wilson/Gary Usher) - 2:25
  6. "Monster Mash" (Boris Pickett/Lenny Capizzi) - 2:27
  7. "Let's Go Trippin'" (Dick Dale) - 2:34
Side two
  1. "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" (Carl White/Al Frazier/Sonny Harris/Turner Wilson Jr.) - 2:18
  2. "The Wanderer" (Ernest Maresca) - 2:00
  3. "Hawaii" (B. Wilson/Love) - 1:51
  4. "Graduation Day" (Joe Sherman/Noel Sherman) - 3:29
  5. "I Get Around" (B. Wilson/Love) - 2:42
  6. "Johnny B. Goode" (Chuck Berry) - 1:56


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