Endless Summer is an album by The Beach Boys, released by Capitol Records in 1974.


Endless Summer is a collection of songs previously released in other albums or as singles.


Side OneEdit

  1. Surfin' Safari (B. Wilson/M. Love)
  2. Surfer Girl (Brian Wilson)
  3. Catch A Wave (Brian Wilson)
  4. The Warmth of the Sun (B. Wilson/M. Love)
  5. Surfin' USA (Chuck Berry)

Side TwoEdit

  1. Be True to Your School (Brian Wilson)
  2. Little Deuce Coupe (B. Wilson/R. Christian)
  3. In My Room (B. Wilson/G. Usher)
  4. Shut Down (B. Wilson/R. Christian)
  5. Fun, Fun, Fun (B. Wilson/M. Love)

Side ThreeEdit

  1. I Get Around (Brian Wilson)
  2. The Girls on the Beach (Brian Wilson)
  3. Wendy (Brian Wilson)
  4. Let Him Run Wild (Brian Wilson)
  5. Don't Worry Baby (B. Wilson/R. Christian)

Side FourEdit

  1. California Girls (Brian Wilson)
  2. Girl Don't Tell Me (Brian Wilson)
  3. Help Me, Rhonda (Brian Wilson)
  4. You're So Good to Me (Brian Wilson)
  5. All Summer Long (Brian Wilson)

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