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Friends is the 14th studio album by the Beach Boys, released on June 24, 1968.

Track listingEdit

Side one
  1. "Meant for You" (Brian Wilson, Mike Love) - 0:38
  2. "Friends" (B. Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine) - 2:30
  3. "Wake the World" (B. Wilson, Jardine) - 1:28
  4. "Be Here in the Mornin'" (B. Wilson, C. Wilson, Love, Jardine) - 2:16
  5. "When a Man Needs a Woman" (B. Wilson, D. Wilson, C. Wilson, Jardine, Steve Korthof, Jon Parks) - 2:06
  6. "Passing By" (B. Wilson) - 2:23
Side two
  1. "Anna Lee, the Healer" (B. Wilson, Love) - 1:51
  2. "Little Bird (D. Wilson, Stephen Kalinich) - 1:57
  3. "Be Still (D. Wilson, Kalinich) - 1:22
  4. "Busy Doin' Nothin'" (B. Wilson) - 3:04
  5. "Diamond Head" (Al Vescovo, Lyle Ritz, Jim Ackley, B. Wilson) - 3:37
  6. "Transcendental Meditation" (B. Wilson, Love, Jardine) - 1:49


The Beach Boys
Additional personnel
  • Jim Gordon - drums on "Be Here in the Mornin'"
  • Murry Wilson - low voice on "Be Here in the Mornin'"
  • unspecified - bass, bass harmonica, drums, glockenspiel, harmonica, percussion, tuba
  • Stephen Desper - engineer

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