For the song, see Little Deuce Coupe (song).

Little Deuce Coupe is The Beach Boys' fourth album, and third overall LP release in 1963. Almost unintentionally, the album was rush-recorded and compiled when leader Brian Wilson sought to protect his band from exploitation from Capitol Records.


The picture featured on the front cover of the album was supplied by Hot Rod magazine, and features the body (with his head cropped in the photo) of hod-rod owner Clarence 'Chili' Catallo and his own customized four-window 1932 Ford Coupe - known forevermore amongst hot rod enthusiasts as "the lil' deuce coupe". A full shot of Catallo and his car from the same photo shoot appeared on the front cover of the July 1961 edition of Hot Rod magazine, and whilst Catallo himself died in 1998 the car still tours the showrooms and exhibitions to this day.

Catallo bought the vehicle in 1956 for 75 dollars in Michigan when he was 15 years old. Catallo replaced the original stock Ford engine (unlike The Beach Boys song lyrics, which mention "a flathead mill") with a newer Olsmobile V-8, as well as lowering the height of the coupe by six inches. Much of the original customizing work, including the stacked headlights, side trim, and front grille was done by an auto shop owned by Mike and Larry Alexander in the Detroit suburb of Southfield.

After Catallo moved to Southern California, additional work, including the 'chopping' or lowering of the roof, was done in 1960-61 at 'Kustom City', George Barris' noted North Hollywood auto customizing shop. This led to the magazine cover and two years later, the shot was featured as the cover for The Beach Boys' fourth album.

Catallo sold the coupe a few years later, but at the urging of his son Curt was able to buy it back in the late 90s for forty thousand dollars. The coupe had since been additionally modified but was restored by Curt Catallo with many of the original parts the coupe had in the early 1960s, so that it now is again virtually identical to the famous photo. In 2000, the hot rod won the 'People's Choice' award at the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance.

Track listingEdit

All tracks written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian except where noted.

Side one
  1. "Little Deuce Coupe" - 1:38
  2. "Ballad of Ole' Betsy" - 2:15
  3. "Be True to Your School" (B. Wilson/Mike Love) - 2:06
  4. "Car Crazy Cutie" - 2:47
  5. "Cherry, Cherry Coupe" - 1:47
  6. "409" (B. Wilson/Gary Usher/Love) - 1:58
Side two
  1. "Shut Down" - 1:48
  2. "Spirit of America" - 2:23
  3. "Our Car Club" (B. Wilson/Love) - 2:21
  4. "No-Go Showboat" - 1:54
  5. "A Young Man is Gone" (Bobby Troup) - 2:15
  6. "Custom Machine" (B. Wilson/Love) - 1:38


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