Shut Down Volume 2
The Beach Boys
Released March 2, 1964
Recorded January 1-10, & February 19-20, 1964

Western Studios Gold Star Studios

Length 27:05
Label Capitol
Produced by Brian Wilson

Shut Down Volume 2 is the fifth studio album by The Beach Boys, and the first of four they would release in 1964. The album's "Volume 2" refers to the 1963 hot rod compilation Shut Down, released by the band's label, Capitol Records, which included "409" and "Shut Down" but was not a Beach Boys album.


The front sleeve photograph, taken by Capitol staff photographer George Jerman, shows the band (now with Al Jardine making his cover debut) posing next to a selection of cool cars - notably, a blue Corvette Sting Ray owned by Dennis and Pontiac Grand Prix owned by Carl.

Track ListingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. "Fun, Fun, Fun"
  2. "Don't Worry Baby"
  3. "In the Parkin' Lot"
  4. "Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson"
  5. "The Warmth of the Sun"
  6. "This Car of Mine"

Side TwoEdit

  1. "Why Do Fools Fall in Love"
  2. "Pom Pom Play Girl"
  3. "Keep an Eye on Summer"
  4. "Shut Down, Part II"
  5. "Louie, Louie"
  6. "Denny's Drums"


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