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Surf's Up is the 17th studio album by the Beach Boys, released in 1971.

Track listingEdit

Side one
  1. "Don't Go Near the Water" (Mike Love, Al Jardine) - 2:39
  2. "Long Promised Road" (Carl Wilson, Jack Rieley) - 3:30
  3. "Take a Load Off Your Feet" (Jardine, Brian Wilson, Gary Winfrey) - 2:29
  4. "Disney Girls (1957)" (Bruce Johnston - 4:07
  5. "Student Demonstration Time" Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Love) - 3:58
Side two
  1. "Feel Flows" (C. Wilson, Rieley) - 4:44
  2. "Lookin' at Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)" (Jardine, Winfrey) - 1:55
  3. "A Day in the Life of a Tree" (B. Wilson, Rieley) - 3:07
  4. "'Til I Die" (B. Wilson) - 2:31
  5. "Surf's Up" (B. Wilson, Van Dyke Parks) - 4:12


The Beach Boys
  • Al Jardine – vocals, guitars on "Don't Go Near the Water" and "Lookin' at Tomorrow", banjo on "Lookin' at Tomorrow", possible drums on "Lookin' at Tomorrow"
  • Bruce Johnston – vocals, keyboards and mandolin on "Disney Girls (1957)"
  • Mike Love – vocals, tambourine on "Student Demonstration Time"
  • Brian Wilson – vocals, piano, tambourine on "Take a Load Off Your Feet", Baldwin organ on "Feel Flows", harmonium on "A Day in the Life of a Tree", Hammond organ on "'Til I Die", harmonica on "Don't Go Near the Water"
  • Carl Wilson – vocals, guitars, tambourine on "Don't Go Near the Water", keyboards on "Long Promised Road", fuzz guitar on "Feel Flows", bass guitar, drums on "Long Promised Road", possible drums on "Lookin' at Tomorrow"
  • Dennis Wilson – vocals, drums
Additional musicians and production staff
  • The Beach Boys – producers
  • Stephen Desper – chief engineer and mixer, Moog synthesizer on "Feel Flows" and "'Til I Die"
  • Daryl Dragon – guitar and Moog synthesizer on "Don't Go Near the Water", bass on "Student Demonstration Time", pipe organ on "A Day in the Life of a Tree", vibraphone on "'Til I Die"
  • Van Dyke Parks – vocals on "A Day in the Life of a Tree"
  • Jack Rieley – lead vocals on "A Day on the Tree of a Life" and backing vocals in "Surf's Up" tag
  • Mike Kowalski - drums on "Don't Go Near The Water"
  • Dennis Dragon - drums on "Disney Girls"
  • Woody Thews - unidentified percussion on "Feel Flows"
  • Ed Thrasher – original art direction

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