Surfin' Safari
The Beach Boys
Released October 1, 1962
Recorded October 3, 1961,

April 19, August 8, September 5, & September 6, 1962

Length 24:53
Label Capitol
Produced by Nick Venet

For the song, see Surfin' Safari (song).

Surfin' Safari is The Beach Boys' first ever album. It was released on Capitol Records on October 1, 1962.


The front sleeve features the five-piece band on the beach at Paradise Cove, north of Malibu. The picture was taken by in-house Capitol photographer Kenneth Veeder.

Track ListingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. "Surfin' Safari"
  2. "County Fair"
  3. "Ten Little Indians"
  4. "Chug-A-Lug"
  5. "Little Girl (You're My Miss America)"
  6. "409"

Side TwoEdit

  1. "Surfin'"
  2. "Heads You Win - Tails I Lose"
  3. "Summertime Blues"
  4. "Cuckoo Clock"
  5. "Moon Dawg"
  6. "The Shift"


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