Surfin' USA
The Beach Boys
Released March 25, 1963
Recorded 31 January -

12 February 1963 Except: "Lonely Sea": 13 June 1962

Length 24:15
Label Capitol
Produced by Nick Venet

For the song, see Surfin' USA (song).

Surfin' USA is the second album by The Beach Boys. It was released on March 25, 1963 on the Capitol Records label.

Track ListingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. "Surfin' USA"
  2. "Farmer's Daughter"
  3. "Misirlou"
  4. "Stoked"
  5. "Lonely Sea"
  6. "Shut Down"

Side TwoEdit

  1. "Noble Surfer"
  2. "Honky Tonk"
  3. "Lana"
  4. "Surfer Jam"
  5. "Trippin'"
  6. "Finders Keepers"


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